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A London based writer and blogger, a Mother of Teenagers, raised on the North Norfolk Coast.

Hello and welcome to my blog Mother of Teenagers.  I am Jo, a PR consultant for 20 years, now a freelance writer and blogger.

Originally from Norfolk I harbour a passion to return to the coast and my guilty pleasure on a rare quiet afternoon is binge-watching Escape to the Country, but for now home is a pocket of London where I live with my husband and two teenagers.

Parenting is a deeply personal journey and since closing the door on my career more than 10 years ago to be a full-time mother, I haven’t looked back…well only nostalgically at least on a plethora of parenting episodes that have made me the mother and person I am today.

At the time of starting this blog in 2016, I found myself on the brink of entering a new chapter as a mother to two teenagers and all the new secondary parenting challenges that brings, whilst also embracing the midlife challenges of turning 50.

This blog is not a diary of our daily activities, but it is a glimpse at the reality of parenting teens and the challenges they face in this ever changing and pressurised world.  It is also a forum for me to express my opinions, share my experiences and highlight issues of importance to our teens and young adults.

Interspersed with this you will find reviews and comment on issues surrounding midlife – the good and the bad, as well as things that interest me outside of my parenting bubble.

Why now? Well quite simply the job of being a mother is never complete and midlife is the advent of a new and exciting chapter.

Whether it is parenting teenagers or midlife that has brought you here, you are very welcome.  We all seek advice and opinion at some point whether from family, friends or online and we all have a valuable voice to add.  I hope that my voice will contribute in some small way to making a difference to you.

I hope you will enjoy reading parts or all of this blog and I really look forward to hearing from you during my and our journey.

Thanks for dropping by.


You can reach me via email jo@motherofteenagers.com, 

or message me on twitter and instagram @motherofteensuk






  1. sophie
    March 6, 2018 / 2:04 pm

    I have nominated you for an award…

    Not sure if you join in with these but they can be fun!
    Sophie x

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