Fabulous Females Interview – Stephanie Capuano

Stephanie Capuano, founder of 31st State a skincare range for teenage boys

This week’s Fabulous Female, Stephanie Capuano bucks the current trend among my interviewees for women embarking on new career adventures in midlife, yet she takes midlife ambition to a new level, managing roles not in one but two businesses.

The first, 31st State, a natural skincare range for teenage boys inspired by the experiences of her own sons, was referenced in a 2018 Mintel trend report for having the “potential to shift attitudes in this space” and “encouraging positive habits”  in young men.

As the parent of any teenage boy will vouch instilling values of cleanliness early on requires persistence and patience.  Then just when you have mastered it and think the job is done, there is an urgent need to respond to their desire to look and feel good, to buy the right products and navigate them down the path to independence and adulthood.  Stephanie has made that job easier for all of us with bespoke products for boys which are not only stylish and fresh but also stand apart in a market dominated by stark clichés and dated alpha male imagery.

Stephanie’s second business was borne from a lifelong love of adventure and indulges her second passion for travel.  &Three is a boutique travel business set up with two female friends, specializing in personalized and luxury holidays to Africa.

It is little wonder that with a family and two businesses to juggle Stephanie’s friends describe her as “busy”.  If like me you are feeling mildly in awe here’s an insight into how she does it.

  • Who is or was your role model?

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a Supreme Court Justice in the US. I will never forget this quote from her, “My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.”   Those are words to live by.

  • What motivates you?

Myself! I love the feeling of accomplishing what I set out to do, whether it is simply getting to a yoga class or setting up a new company.

  • What are the values you hold dearest in life?

In terms of values – Compassion, Acceptance, Curiosity.  What I “hold” dear on the other hand is family, hands down.

  • What has been your biggest challenge so far & how did you overcome it?

Life is a series of challenges but a focal one for me was finding natural skincare products for my teenage sons in the UK that they would actually use and it was that that inspired me to develop my own range 31st State.

  • What is your proudest moment?

Seeing 31st State listed on Asos.com. It took us two and a half years to develop and launch it, and Asos listing it in our first four months on the market was a proud moment. Suddenly I was cooler to my teenage kids too!

  • What motto do you live by?

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • What advice would you give to your teenage self? 

Invest in Bitcoin and have fun!

  • Who gave you the best advice and what was it?

Identify your audience and talk to them, just them. If you try to talk to everyone, you’ll talk to no one. (Allie LeFevere, a partner at Obedient Agency, Chicago.)

  • How would your friends describe you?

Other than super busy, I think they’d say that I am driven, loyal and fun.

  • What makes you laugh out loud?

The Fat Jewish on Instagram

  • What would your autobiography be called?

Watch This Space

  • What does being a modern midlife woman mean to you?

Tired! But fulfilled. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to have had a career, stopped to raise kids, dove back in and be thriving again. I feel very proud of all that I have done as a mother, wife, friend and professional. If only there was more time in a day!

  • What would be your desert island essential?

My phone (with a bunch of battery packs)

  • What makes you feel fabulous?

An early run on an empty beach in the summer.

  • In your own words – ” A fabulous female is….. 

one that champions other females.”


If you are a woman with a successful career and family already under your belt, I hope Stephanie has given you an incentive to seek new opportunities and pursue your dreams.  You can find out more about Stephanie and her businesses here:

Business : 31st State

Twitter : @31ststate 

Business : &Three


Editor’s Note :  Are you a Fabulous Female with a story to tell or do you know someone who is?  If so I am always on the lookout for more females and would love to hear from you.  Please get in touch via the contact form or email me direct at jo@motherofteenagers.com



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