As an ex-PR Director I understand the mutual value of third party collaborations. I am happy to discuss opportunities to work with brands, organisations, charities and service providers which I think are in line with my blog’s core content and values and more importantly, will be of interest to my readers.

My blog Mother of Teenagers occupies a niche area in the parenting arena, with its clear focus on issues of relevance to teenagers and young adults and to date I have worked on high profile campaigns with both The Children’s Society and the NCA, to name but a few.

Parenting is not my only perspective.  In addition, I address being a modern midlife female and all that entails and yes of course that includes the mother of all midlife issues  – the menopause.

With a degree in English and a strong writing pedigree throughout my career, I pride myself on the quality of my work.  I am not adverse to opinion, to controversy and debate.  I also value humour.  I can guarantee you engaging, authentic and relevant content delivered on time and on brief.

In the blogosphere I am a micro influencer but an influential one nonetheless.  By working with me, you can be sure of access to an engaged and loyal readership who read my content and value my opinion.

If you think I am the kind of blogger or writer you are looking for, I would love to hear from you and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could work in partnership to achieve your goals.  You can reach me by emailing

I look forward to hearing from you.